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Who has two thumbs and just had two teammates thank him for being the voice of calm reason for inter-team relations at work?  This guy!
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As demanded by [personal profile] rbarclay, and really, six months is too long, or something.

2017 bullets:

  • Started working part-time on Feb 1, full-time Mar 1.  Went to Portland office in late March and again in late July.  Started working in Oakland office 2 days a week in August.  Work is good.
  • I had ditched the wheelchair in Dec 2016; i stopped using the walker full-time in April, and altogether by June.  I was finally able to jog a tiny bit in November.  I still can't do a single sit-up, but i did 6 pushups a couple of days ago.  I had a small relapse in February after a cold which caused numbness in my feet, which has not cleared (and my hands are still numb).
  • In late 2016, we'd gotten an accessible plot at the community garden to accommodate me, but i was well enough in November to get kicked out of it and into a regular (and larger) plot.
What does 2018 bring?  Well, i quit Twitter (again).  Maybe this time it'll stick and won't give me another shitty autoimmune disease.


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Today marks one year since i came home after ending up in the hospital with GBS.  At that time, I couldn't stand or sit up in bed.  I couldn't lift my arms farther than 45°.  These days, i can lift my arms almost straight up, and i'm able to go up and down stairs.  We got rid of my wheelchair in December, and i stopped using my walker all the time in April.


Memo was with me almost every day at the Walnut Creek nursing home.  He's two years old now.

an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier licking his snout, holding a bully stick between his paws

Despite not being compelled by law to do so, Renew Financial extended my benefits for four months once i got sick, and held my job for the 53 weeks I was out sick, and i have been eagerly working for them since February, because it's rare to find a company that displays this sort of values.


So far this year, we've seen Sigur Rós, Jean-Michel Jarre, and Midnight Oil in concert.  So, really, things this year has been quite good so far, despite the nationally-induced global calamity that needs not be named.

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This'll have to do until i set up my own publishing platform.  I mean, i could write a Note on Facebook, but that site is pure evil.  Google+ is the Democratic Party analogue to Facebook's GOP; it has a real chance to do things right but settles for not shitting itself or setting things on fire.  This site doesn't exactly cover itself in glory; this posting interface doesn't seem to have been updated since DW was founded and no evidence of a mobile app exists.

Anyway, for the few who are reading this and didn't already read it elsewhere, i'm three weeks away from my 1-year anniversary of the onset of Guillain-Barré syndrome.  I had a particularly shitty case of it and am now finally getting around to walking.  My hands are still not able to touch-type due to weakness, stiffness, and impaired sensation.  Parts of my face are still paralyzed.  I'm going back to working from home part-time on Feb 1.

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I've suddenly realized that my aversion to holidays puts me in the same boat with Jehova's Witnesses.

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[Scene opens.  HUSBAND and WIFE are sitting in front of their computers.]

HUSBAND (to WIFE): It's almost midnight. Let's go to bed.

[They do not move.]

F  I  N


Sep. 21st, 2014 08:55 pm
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If i don't wash my hair in the morning, it's like my gender identity lacks an anchor all day.

back of a Dove for Men shampoo bottle: 'Smokey BBQs. Muddy fields. A hot day. Men relax their way. Fresh Clean helps their hair recover from all that action. It has menthol to refresh while it washes away dirt and grease. Your hair will be ready for more chilling out. MAN-PROOF YOUR HAIR'

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This year has been one of big changes in things that i liked doing, mainly because i found that i didn't like doing them anymore (like when i retired from soccer, except without the injuries):

  • Back in February, i skipped going to DunDraCon for the first time.  I just didn't feel like going.  Not sure if i'll go back.
  • I decided not to do fantasy football this year and am not missing it.  Funny how ESPN's fantasy football coverage is now suddenly irritating.
  • I dropped all my comic book subscriptions after getting a notice from the shop that it had been eight months since my last visit.  Pretty clear i had stopped caring, there.
I've now entered my fourth month of unemployment.  I'm currently waiting to hear back from a couple of interviews, and have another one lined up on Wednesday.

One grandson just turned 1.  In a month, my other grandson and my granddaughter turn 3 and 7 8, respectively.  Soon, they'll all be old enough for me to tell them to get off my lawn.

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When [ profile] captain_nesky moved back from Los Angeles, she brought her washer and dryer, so we ditched the crappy old appliances that came with our new house and installed hers instead with [ profile] elmuchacho's help.  Unfortunately, the drain hose on the washer was busted.  After poking around on the Intertubes, i not only found the replacement hose for sale, but also found a video showing how to replace it.  So, on Christmas morning, that's what i did; my mechanical skills proved to be up to the task, and i only needed an extra hand from [ profile] 2wanda for the final step because i lacked the apposite tool.  My dad was always quite handy, and i've wanted to become a little better at it, and with the new house, i think that i'll have the motivation.  So far, so good.

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You know you're getting old when you find a long pubic hair in your underpants that's gone white near its midpoint.


Nov. 23rd, 2011 04:35 pm
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rone at 39: short haircut, silver hair poking out of temple, closely trimmed beard

This was supposed to have been posted on the day after "38" but, well, i've been too damned busy with the move.  "38" was taken in the old house's bathroom, and this one's in the new house's bathroom  The original plan also called for an even shorter haircut and a cleanly shaven face, but i guess i can save such radical change for a more typical milestone, despite the predictability.  I'm certain that you can all see the silver in my temple, above.  Now turn that damn racket off.

[ profile] 2wanda ordered a Dumpster for this weekend's Operation Garage Freedom, a.k.a. "Toss It or Burn It Days 1 & 2", so that should cover all of my spare time for Saturday and Sunday.  The new house is slowly looking like us, but there is still a tremendous amount of boxes to unpack and still more odds and ends at the old house to pack and move, and a lot less room than i'd realized in which to unpack.

I also became a grandfather a month and a half ago.  That hasn't quite sunk in yet, but the kid is pretty darn cute.  I look forward to spoiling him.  I'm also looking forward to being done with the move so we can get back to socializing; it's been stressful and we badly need some R&R.

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Nov. 13th, 2011 11:59 pm
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tired rone: long messy hair, unkempt beard

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Still young: played volleyball today (probably for the first time since college) at the company picnic; impressed coworkers by diving for balls and also for climbing up a tree to get the ball when it got stuck; managed to slightly tear pants while getting down and gave myself a good scratch on the leg.

Getting old: was completely spent after that and spent the next couple of hours hiding inside, away from sun and people, trying to take a nap.

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I've been wearing my Utilikilts (i have three Mockers now) for almost 3 years and i love them for all of the usual reasons: stylish, comfortable, can be casual or dressy, draws attention to myself.  I never realized, or maybe i realized but wouldn't embrace, the fact that i'm a complete attention whore; i suppose that it might be obvious when i think of my online behavior over the last twenty years (yes, i have been online for twenty fucking years, and i know that's not as much as some of you, but still, that's over half my life), but it was certainly not something that i quite got when it came to my physically present interactions.  A lot of it comes from increased maturity, as well as the increased confidence that comes from being with [ profile] 2wanda.  But it wasn't until i put on the kilt that i felt like i looked good, and that i liked looking good.  Now i'll enjoy a nice buttoned-up shirt with my jeans instead of just T-shirts, and i found comfortable dress shoes so it's not sneakers or hiking boots all the time.  And i enjoy picking out a nice tie once in a while.

As for the kilts, i got some brown Doc Martens to go with my first olive kilt, then i went a little crazy and got these monsters.

20-eyelet black patent boots

I mostly wear them under my jeans as they're a bit too sassy to wear to work with my kilt (but they're fun for the occasional dress-up party).  Then Kim suggested these after i got my black kilt, and they also go well with the grey kilt.

10-eyelet oxblood boots

I also got an array of knee-high socks from Sock Dreams to complement them when i'm wearing shoes.

There is some irony in that i feel pretty darn manly when i'm wearing a skirt (although i do feel that the Utilikilts marketing people hit the "BE MANLY!" button a bit too much in their copy, as do their fan-submitted videos, sometimes leaning on chauvinist stereotypes), but i think it's just that i like the way i look, and that is an unequivocally good thing, and it's also fairly new.  OK, i'm an attention whore and i'm vain.

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<[ profile] ronebofh> palecur: netflix is big on not hiring assholes.
<[ profile] palecur> rone: for true? That is a good thing
<rone> but i slipped in anyway.
<palecur> you're not an asshole
<palecur> you just sometimes get ridden by Baron Rectum, the asshole loa
<palecur> then we throw rum at you and youre ok

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University of California / UC Davis Extension / This is to certify that Ron Echeverri has successfully completed the following Certificate Program: Winemaking for Online Learners / 185 hours of coursework completed on December 15, 2008

Now comes the hard part.

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We just had a small shaking quake and i estimated it at 4.3.  The USGS initially rated it a 4.4, but now they've updated the magnitude to 4.3.  Damn, i'm good.

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We just had a small shaking quake and i estimated it at 4.3.  The USGS initially rated it a 4.4, but now they've updated the magnitude to 4.3.  Damn, i'm good.

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Sirius and XM completed their merger a few weeks ago, and something that popped up on the Rock station in the last day or two was the ABBA channel — all ABBA, all the time.  Scary, i know.  But just now i had to listen to it because they were playing the Spanish version of "Chiquitita", which was my favorite song in second grade and is probably the first favorite song i can remember having.

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Sirius and XM completed their merger a few weeks ago, and something that popped up on the Rock station in the last day or two was the ABBA channel — all ABBA, all the time.  Scary, i know.  But just now i had to listen to it because they were playing the Spanish version of "Chiquitita", which was my favorite song in second grade and is probably the first favorite song i can remember having.


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