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As demanded by [personal profile] rbarclay, and really, six months is too long, or something.

2017 bullets:

  • Started working part-time on Feb 1, full-time Mar 1.  Went to Portland office in late March and again in late July.  Started working in Oakland office 2 days a week in August.  Work is good.
  • I had ditched the wheelchair in Dec 2016; i stopped using the walker full-time in April, and altogether by June.  I was finally able to jog a tiny bit in November.  I still can't do a single sit-up, but i did 6 pushups a couple of days ago.  I had a small relapse in February after a cold which caused numbness in my feet, which has not cleared (and my hands are still numb).
  • In late 2016, we'd gotten an accessible plot at the community garden to accommodate me, but i was well enough in November to get kicked out of it and into a regular (and larger) plot.
What does 2018 bring?  Well, i quit Twitter (again).  Maybe this time it'll stick and won't give me another shitty autoimmune disease.


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Today marks one year since i came home after ending up in the hospital with GBS.  At that time, I couldn't stand or sit up in bed.  I couldn't lift my arms farther than 45°.  These days, i can lift my arms almost straight up, and i'm able to go up and down stairs.  We got rid of my wheelchair in December, and i stopped using my walker all the time in April.


Memo was with me almost every day at the Walnut Creek nursing home.  He's two years old now.

an English Staffordshire Bull Terrier licking his snout, holding a bully stick between his paws

Despite not being compelled by law to do so, Renew Financial extended my benefits for four months once i got sick, and held my job for the 53 weeks I was out sick, and i have been eagerly working for them since February, because it's rare to find a company that displays this sort of values.


So far this year, we've seen Sigur Rós, Jean-Michel Jarre, and Midnight Oil in concert.  So, really, things this year has been quite good so far, despite the nationally-induced global calamity that needs not be named.


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