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As demanded by [personal profile] rbarclay, and really, six months is too long, or something.

2017 bullets:

  • Started working part-time on Feb 1, full-time Mar 1.  Went to Portland office in late March and again in late July.  Started working in Oakland office 2 days a week in August.  Work is good.
  • I had ditched the wheelchair in Dec 2016; i stopped using the walker full-time in April, and altogether by June.  I was finally able to jog a tiny bit in November.  I still can't do a single sit-up, but i did 6 pushups a couple of days ago.  I had a small relapse in February after a cold which caused numbness in my feet, which has not cleared (and my hands are still numb).
  • In late 2016, we'd gotten an accessible plot at the community garden to accommodate me, but i was well enough in November to get kicked out of it and into a regular (and larger) plot.
What does 2018 bring?  Well, i quit Twitter (again).  Maybe this time it'll stick and won't give me another shitty autoimmune disease.


Date: 2018-01-14 07:08 pm (UTC)
From: [personal profile] oh6
I very quickly quit Twitter when it became clear that the types of posts most suitable to it were what I wrote when was exceedingly depressed. I guess my resolution for 2018 is to get a driver's license.


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